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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our clients. We are so proud of the work that we do for them.


We have used PHP DataGrid since 2007 in our web-based software. It has proved robust and very flexible to use, and our customers have found it intuitive to use which has helped keep our support costs down. The best part: time to develop new functions is much shorter!

Doc Louie

DataGrid Pro is the best bargain on the Web for quality versus price! I was able to perfectly integrate into my website, configure the script to do exactly what I needed and get it up and running very quickly! I saved plenty of programming time!


It happened all some months ago, when I was searching for a nice Datagrid in PHP, easy to understand, to set up and to improve it with my own functions. I'm still really really happy to have found this beautiful piece of code.


Buddy Logan

For quality vs. price, DataGrid Pro is the best bargain on the Web! I was able to integrate perfectly into my client's site, configure the script to do exactly what I needed and have it up and running very quickly! My hat is off to you! You saved me a lot programming time!

Deepti Baghel

Using PHP DataDrid one can make a full featured form in few minutes . The same job if done with conventional programming style would have taken at least 2-3 days. The price is nothing as compared to the features provided. I am really thankful to ApPHP for this beautiful script.


Scott Weaver

THIS DATAGRID ROCKS! Implemented in the best way. I'm going to use it in future projects FOR SURE! It speed up the development of my programs because now I can focus on business logic.


I'm working with DataGrid which is fantastic!!! It saves me a lot of time creating different tabular data and views. It will become a main component of all the data systems I run. You are doing great stuff - keep it up AND Thank You!

United Kingdom


PHP Data Grid did everything I needed it to do in a simpler way. Very professional product. Easy to use. Even after weeks of having a standard process of managing the database we utilize PHP Data Grid to help our customers get the data they need fast! Good Job!

Bruno Leite

I am extremely happy with the PHP DataGrid, it surpassed all my expectations. Best of all is that it is multi-language support. I recommend it to everyone.


Franklin Calle Zapata

I come to participate in and follow this great project PHP DataGrid, for almost 4 years, is really a gem and I am using it as a key driver for the development of my own open source project: H3M which combines the concepts of ERP and CMS. Thank you very much!


Brian Vicary

Having spent many fruitless hours trying to produce a simple data grid for myself I finally found 'PHP Datagrid'. What a godsend!! I am now able to display a grid of data in a very professional way. A highly recommended addon and at a price that shouldn't make you think twice.

United Kingdom

Gianni Bragante

PHP DataGrid is an excellent product and I am happy for the support as well. Communication with technical support helped me to configure DataGrid to suite my needs. Thank you!, Italy

Megan Vertido

I got the Pro Version and this is an awesome script that WORKS and very easy to set up. Customer support is also OUTSTANDING! Prompt replies and they help you get your script working. Very well recommended!

United States

Per Petersen

Great! I know guys, you say it is "only" an open source product, but I think that your PHP DataGrid is one of the best ones and you've done a terrific job with this data-grid. The price is actually a bit low for what you're getting. So I'm all set, and I'm truly glad I chose your grid!


Carlos Mario Ospina

Soy usuario de PHP DataGrid y queria hacerles saber que han hecho una labor "extraordinaria", es un codigo limpio, absolutamente sencillo de implementar, con una programación completamente abstracta y facil de usar, y a un precio justo y asequible, no una.. si no "LA MEJOR OPCION DEL MERCADO", despues de mucho buscar y probar, encontre la solución exacta a mis requerimientos.

Sistemas y Controles, Colombia

Meher Mezni

Thank you for the effort you made to develop DataGrid , it's very useful for persons who would like to use it without having strong experience in PHP. It would be nice if you will add AJAX feature for update operations as well.


Anil Kumar

From past 8 months I have been using this DataGrid product, its one of the most amazing products ever seen on the web, Hats off to the team of ApPHP DataGrid. If someone is stuck on grids, this is the product and the SUPPORT team which means they truly support you, not just words, only ACTION ! Kudos to your support team. Keep it up !!!! I have seen many products on the web, but not the REAL SUPPORT.

Hitechgraphics, India


What makes an awesome script, awesome support! Not being well versed in PHP programming, PHP DataGrid not only proved to be an excellent datagrid but it's flexibility to handle the business logic I needed and the ability of the support staff to implement all of this surpassed my every expectations... Both PHP DataGrid and the staff behind it are stand up, professional and savvy! I'm already looking forward in working with them again and expand the potentials of PHP DataGrid... Cheers PHP DataGrid!


Roberto Fenanti

Faccio i complimenti agli sviluppatori per il componente DATAGRID, perché sono riuscito a sviluppare in breve tempo e con grande soddisfazione un applicativo. Il supporto tecnico è sempre stato impeccabile, con risposte veloci e precise che mi hanno sempre aiutato. E' proprio quello che stavo cercando! Sviluppo codice in poco tempo con risultati grandiosi. GRAZIE!



Fantastic company! I've just completed configuration of ApPhp DataGrid to provide club members database access on our intranet. The configuration was quick and intuitive and the performance of the code is fast. I will be buying other products from this company. Keep up the good work ApPhp!

Preston Bowls Club (Brighton) UK, United Kingdom (GB)

P.M Lewandowski

PHP MicroCMS script is a good compromise enters a sophisticated CRM (like joomla xoops etc.) and a blog. Ideal for a simple presence on Web.


Radovan Gradeak

I looked for CMS with which I can quickly build a website. The PHP MicroCMS helped me, it very simple and professional tool it has great potential.


Scott Astle

Thank you MicroCMS Team for all your hard work and time spent on developing the MicroCMS code. I have found MicroCMS to be flexible and a powerful little CMS package with easy setup and deployment that a novice can understand; and MicroCMS quickly delivers a polished professional website for almost any type of website application.

Ozzy C.

I have tired many CMS over the years either open source or paid ones. And up to last year I could not find the one I really like. Some too bulky, some too ugly and some way too expansive or very complicated to work with. Finally while searching I have discovered this nice CMS (PHP MicroCMS Pro). I do recommend it with out hesitation.



Great work, it seems you have created a great script - love the simplicity of it and maybe even more the language option - which not one script seems to have good support for.

Cesar Casquero Peris

I really like your CMS and is very easy to understand and add features. Hotel Site, Business Directory and Medical Appointment are very complete and usable immediately. Shopping sites Car is fine for very limited and it lacks the possibility of additional data as Color, size, etc.. I am very grateful for their products and are a great help. A greeting to all the team from Spain.


Pretre Michel

I used MicroCMS as backborn for my site. With a little doing and development, I found it to be very good, convenient and reliable. Good work, thanks.

Peter Agakpe

This is not my first product. it is my fourth product. I purchased the MicroBlog and MicroCMS and very happy with this products.

United States

Bert Pichal

Thanks a million for this calendar script and your support! It works like a charm, worth every penny.


Neel Mehta

First of all, hats off on developing such a flexible and configurable piece of software - ApPHP Calendar. Love it!

United States

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