History of Last Changes (for ApPHP AdminPanel)

You can read here a brief list of last changes:

Version 3.8.0 (Sep 21, 2017)
  • Enh translation for some languages
  • Enh changed minimal versio nof DataGrid for the script to 7.0.0
  • Enh removed using of PEAR extension, only PDO is available
  • Enh DataGrid component upgraded to v7.9.9
  • Enh DataGrid Wizard component upgraded to v2.6.0
  • Enh Calendar component upgraded to v3.3.8
  • Enh removed support of mysql_ functions

Version 3.7.0 (Jan 29, 2013)
  • New possibility for admin to define public directory via General -> Panel Settings
  • New left panel saves it's state (collapsed or expanded) after loggin in/out
  • Enh minor changes in session expired checker
  • Enh upgrading of Calendar module for newest versions
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.6.3 (Dec 23, 2012)
  • New possibility for admin to allow users registration
  • New possibility for admin to use Captcha validation on users registration
  • New new email template and sending email on admin approval of user registration
  • New possibility to turn on/off session timeout audio alert
  • New possibility to define "target" attribute for link menu items
  • New possibility for admin to define a default page size for datagrid pages: General -> Panel Settings -> Visual Settings
  • Feature: [admin] added translations for Korean, Thai and Finnish languages
  • Feature: [admin] added possibility to clone admin records with access rights
  • New new fields for admins and users accounts: phone & photo (avatar)
  • Enh minor changes in installation module
  • Enh added installation key for each installation of the script
  • Enh Dutch translation. Special thanks to Thibaud Taudin Chabot
  • Enh script security - blocked unauthorized access to tmp/ directory
  • Enh blocked possibility for user to edit group field
  • Enh possibility to define persistent PDO connection in database class
  • Enh integration with DataGrid version 7.0.0 or higher
  • Enh minor changes in User Account Panel
  • Enh user access rights - added possibility to view datagrid pages
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.5.1 (Aug 22, 2011)
  • New possibility to send mail via SMTP server General -> Panel Settings -> Mail Settings
  • Enh mail component replaced with PHPMailer v5.2
  • Enh showing admin panel for right-to-left languages
  • Enh session expired alert function - added beep sound for IE
  • Enh translation for all languages
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.4.7 (Aug 08, 2011)
  • New filtering section for management of static, dynamic and datagrid pages
  • New possibility to view news with public access: public/news.php
  • New possibility to export admins and users in csv, xml anf pdf
  • New statistics redone as a module
  • New possibility to define access rights for users to dynamic pages
  • New possibility to edit template for public pages via public/templates/
  • New new module - Calendar
  • New new page type - "link"
  • New possibility to admin/user to select a preferred language for panel
  • Enh left menu bar drawing procedures
  • Enh forgot password - added possibility to select user type
  • Enh minor optimizations for DataGrid Wizard
  • Enh session expired procedure, now with modal popup window
  • Enh optimized mass mail procedure
  • Enh system log procedure - added saving of error file name
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.3.2 (Feb 28, 2011)
  • New sending notification email for admins and users on changing email by main admin
  • New added new Module - Gallery : Admin Tools -> Gallery
  • New sending email on admin/user account created event
  • New sending email on admin/user password changed event
  • New possibility to define filtering fields in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to define additional attributes for "textarea", "file" and "image" fields in Edit Mode of DataGrid Wizard
  • New Action Required alert panel on Home Page
  • New possibility to hide/open category panes on Home Page
  • New possibility to define foreign key fields in DataGrid Wizard
  • New support for SQLite
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.2.2 (Feb 08, 2011)
  • New translation for Dutch. Special thanks for Dieter De Wreede.
  • New Breadcrumbs feature and possibility to enable/disable it via Panel Settings -> Visual Settings
  • New possibility to admin to force HTTPS protocol: General -> Panel Settings -> Security Settings
  • New possibility to define access for static pages for Users Users -> [Set Access Rights]
  • New new component for security sessions - SecureSession Extended class
  • New possibility for admin to define excessive logins amount for users and admins
  • New possibility to add/change multi-room settings in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility for admin to see and manage system logs: Admin Tools -> System Log
  • New possibility recover password for admins/users with Password Recovery page
  • Enh Installation module - added additional check for session support
  • Enh "Remember Me" feature, added possibility to enable/disable via Panel Settings -> Security Settings
  • Enh jQuery updates to v1.4.2
  • Enh Left menu show/hide processing
  • Enh check of radio buttons in JSAFV module
  • Enh code template for DataGrid Wizard updated to be compatible with DataGrid Pro versions.
  • Enh working with config file in system
  • Enh menu options navigation from General -> Panel Menu Manager
  • Enh minor style changes for DataGrid Wizard
  • Enh Email Templates - added non-removable system templates
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.1.5 (Jan 17, 2011)
  • New translation for Dutch. Special thanks for Dieter De Wreede.
  • New Countries management via General -> Countries
  • Enh JSAFV updated to 2.0.2 version
  • Enh minor changes on home page
  • Enh allowed using of _ (underscore) symbols in usernames for admins and users
  • Enh added list of countries for Map Overlay tab on Statistics page
  • Enh Users module - added Date Created field
  • Enh Admins module - added Date Created field for admins table
  • Enh Statistics module - added new tab Today's Info (Users)
  • Enh added additional filters on Users Management page
  • Enh icons displaying on Home page - added possibility to display them categorized or not categorized
  • Enh Backup module - time added to name of backup file
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.0.6 (Jul 23, 2010)
  • New possibility for user to edit his account via General -> Edit Account
  • New possibility to define/create user groups and assign user for specific group
  • New possibility for admins to edit their accounts via Account Manager -> My Account
  • New possibility to truncate all related tables on un-installation of modules
  • New possibility to define fields visibility For View/Add/Edit modes in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to allow Paging and Column Sorting in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to define using tooltips for view Mode in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to set debug mode for created pages in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to define width for View/Edit Mode tables in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to define language collation in DataGrid Wizard
  • New possibility to define default value for Add/Edit Mode tables in DataGrid Wizard
  • Enh vulnerability protection
  • Enh minor changes in DataGrid Wizard
  • Enh modules management functionality
  • Enh translation for languages
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.0.5 (Apr 13, 2010)
  • New possibility for main admin to allow editing password for admins/users
  • New new component - PHP Tabs v2.0.2 (tabs component)
  • New possibility to encrypt passwords for users
  • New possibility to close home page info panel and restore it via panel settings
  • New statistics module for admin logins and user locations
  • New possibility to define public access for static pages
  • New possibility to define admin access for specific pages via Account Manager -> Admins -> Set Access Rights
  • New possibility to send copy of email to admin on Mass Mail page
  • New possibility to define timezone in Panel Settings
  • New possibility to send emails for admins and users separatelly and all together
  • Enh get Alexa rank function
  • Enh minor changes in CSS styles
  • Enh minor changes in design of Menu Options Manager
  • Enh users - added possibility to select country
  • Enh minor changes in creating of static pages in Menu Options Manager
  • Fix bugs fixed

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