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Simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control, specially designed for web developers.
Version: 8.5.4
Downloaded 50,917 times since November 2008

DataGrid Made Easy!

Create a fully functional DataGrid in PHP including Add, Edit, Details and Delete modes in just a FEW lines of code.
1. $dgrid = new DataGrid();
2. $dgrid->DataSource(
     'PDO''mysql'$DB_HOST$DB_NAME$DB_USER$DB_PASS,      'SELECT * FROM demo_countries', array('name'=>'ASC'));
3. $dgrid->SetTableEdit('demo_countries''id');
4. $dgrid->SetAutoColumnsInViewMode(true);
5. $dgrid->SetAutoColumnsInEditMode(true);
Learn more... 6. $dgrid->Bind();
ApPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The ApPHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data administration; it is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers.

The goal of this script is to simplify the generation and editing of DataGrid pages for web developers. It is a fully functional, outstanding open source PHP control.

The DataGrid is an excellent tool for:
  • PHP database-driven web sites
  • Adding Back-End for existing sites
  • Creating online-based data administration
  • Creating dynamic content management or your own CMS
  • Developing tools for working with different databases
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Bruno Leite

I am extremely happy with the PHP DataGrid, it surpassed all my expectations. Best of all is that it is multi-language support. I recommend it to everyone.


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  • Operating System: Linux or Windows
  • Web Server: Apache or IIS
  • PHP 5.4.0 or higher
  • PDO extension
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher

Supported Browsers

Supported Databases

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