History of Last Changes (for ApPHP Framework)

You can read here a brief list of last changes:

Version 0.2.4 (Apr 01, 2013)
  • New added new demo - Simple Blog
  • New added new core class CActiveRecords implements "Active Record" pattern
  • New added real check for "mod_rewrite" in utils requirements checker
  • New added core base class CComponent, now all application component classes extends CComponent
  • New added get/SetResponseCode() for A class
  • New added new widget "pagination" in helper Widget
  • New added possibility to create and register application-level components
  • New added new component CMessageSource for localization purposes
  • Enh suffix Model for model classes is now optional (not required)
  • Enh added new elements and properties in Widget::form() and Widget::formValidation()
  • Enh added new elements to Html helper
  • Enh minor changes in Auth helper
  • Enh minor changes in CController->errorAction()
  • Enh improved error handling in Database class
  • Enh all framework classes get prefix "C" to avoid name overlapping
  • Enh removed passing registry to CRouter::route()
  • Enh in CDatabase added possibility to define named placeholder with data type. e.g: i:id
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 0.1.2 (Feb 14, 2013)
  • New new application component ClientScript
  • New possibility to define direct URL rewrite rules via config file
  • New new helper Auth, that responsible to handle authentication things
  • New new core class Database, that responsible to handle database connections, queries etc.
  • New new widget "message" in helper Widget
  • New new helper Hash
  • New new widget "form" in helper Widget
  • New new online setup wizard for applications
  • Enh added new vendor phpMailer, that allows sending emails using php mail() function or smtp
  • Enh added possibility to send HTML messages in Mailer helper class
  • Enh new features and changes in some tests
  • Enh improved redirect() method of Controller class
  • Enh added possibility to HttpRequest::getQuery() recognize parameters in following way: param1/val2/...
  • Enh autoload method in Apphp class for loading model classes
  • Enh Apphp class renamed into A class
  • Enh changes in configuration settings
  • Enh changes in Controller class - removed property "request"
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 0.1.1 (Jan 23, 2013)
  • New new application component HttpSession
  • New events handler to Apphp class
  • New possibility to perform CSRF Validation
  • New new helper class Validator
  • New possibility to create templates
  • New new helper class - Mailer, that allows to send emails using php mail() function
  • Enh added new property to Apphp class - charset
  • Enh added more methods to Html helper
  • Enh improved Filter helper
  • Enh HttpRequest::getPost() now allow to sanitize data (2nd parameter)
  • Enh added possibility to define whether to use csrf validation via config file
  • Enh removed passing registry to Controller constructor
  • Enh minor changes in HttpRequest class
  • Enh added Getter for View class, allows to retrive values by Class->field
  • Enh in template file added echo Apphp::app()->view->getContent();instead of using echo $content;
  • Enh Widget moved to helpers
  • Enh added setMetaTags method for View core class, that allows to set meta tags from controller
  • Enh debug info for fatal database errors
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 0.1.0 (Dec 08, 2012)
  • New re-designed architecture of the framework, added Apphp application class
  • New added framework requirements checker
  • New added new core class Widget that allows to add widgets to page
  • New added new core class Filter that allows to filter data
  • New added new helper class Html that allows to create HTMl elements
  • New added new demo - Static Site
  • New added possibility to access all application components with Apphp::app()
  • New added components loader
  • Enh render method of ViewBase class accepts now 2 possible values: "action" or "controller/action"
  • Enh redirect method of ControllerBase class accepts now 2 possible values: "action" or "controller/action"
  • Enh changed Config class chaining properties method into Config;;get(param1.param2...)
  • Enh added writing errors intto log file in protected/tmp/log/ directory on production mode
  • Enh added errorAction for ControllerBase class that shows default erro on missing action
  • Enh added new method breadCrumbs for Widget class
  • Enh added new methods for BaseUrl in Aphp class
  • Enh added new property to View that allows to store active menu
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 0.0.3 (Aug 18, 2012)
  • New possibility to call custom view in Template->Show()
  • New possibility to create whole HTML template in application/templates/{template name}/ and public/{template name}/
  • New core class Debug.php that allows to collect/trace all debug info
  • New possibility to create/use different templates in one project
  • New possibility to define default controller in config/index.php with DEFAULT_CONTROLLER
  • Enh re-designed views structure: now it looks like views/controller/action.php
  • Enh improved general cleaning of input in shared.php
  • Enh added 2nd param to Templates->Show() to allow loading whole template ot just a single view
  • Enh added index page for demos directory that allows to view all available demo applications
  • Enh __autoload function placed in a separate file, called from bootstrap.php
  • Enh base class Template renamed into BaseView
  • Enh main config file for each application changed from main.php into index.php
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 0.0.2 (Jul 21, 2012)
  • New shared.php file with removing of Magic Quotes and unregistered of Globals
  • New 2 files to config/ directory - main.php and db.php
  • New possibility to run 2 or more applications on the same framework
  • New writing error log into tmp/logs/ directory in production mode
  • New simple Hello World demo application to the script archive
  • Enh re-designed framework folders/files structure
  • Enh all paths in framework changed from relative to absolute with ROOT.DS.
  • Enh documentation, created README, UPDATE and other files in doc/ directory
  • Enh __autoload() - now it load all classes for applications and framework

Version 0.0.1 (Jul 12, 2012)
  • New created main structure
  • New created main entry to the application /public/index.php

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