History of Last Changes (for ApPHP Hotel Site)

You can read here a brief list of last changes:

Version 4.4.3 (Jun 19, 2016)
  • New possibility to define number of months that will be shown on room occupancy tab
  • New possibility to define latitude and longitude for hotels for drawing maps
  • New RTL support to Invoice PDF
  • New added possibility in banners to define banner for specific page
  • New in site search added search by hotel name and description
  • New changed color for not available rooms on availability calendar
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.3.9 (Nov 15, 2015)
  • New possibility to define separate payment gateways for hotels
  • New added MySQLi database driver
  • New possibility to allow using separate payment gateways for each hotel
  • New possibility to show checkin/checkout info on dashboard
  • Enh css changes for rtl template for lytebox
  • Enh structure of the core classes
  • Enh removed option All Rooms from occupancy calendar for multiple hotels
  • Enh installation wizard
  • Enh syntax changes in PHP code and optimizations
  • Enh security fixes in room prices and availability pages
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.2.9 (Nov 22, 2013)
  • New new type of booking status "Pending"
  • New new settings for Rooms module - "Check Partially Overlapping". Special thanks to our member "juliodiz"
  • New new type of privileges for admins and hotel owners: cancel, delete or edit bookings
  • New commission calculator for hotel owners/agents
  • New new email template for changing reservation status
  • New new module Hotels Rating
  • New new type of widget integration with top placement
  • New dependent sub-locations table and implementation for required pages
  • New new placeholder for pages {module:hotels}
  • Enh minor changes on room description page
  • Enh Bookings Reports
  • Enh hotel locations and names dropdown boxes now related with AJAX auto-fill feature
  • Enh openWYSIWYG editor removed from the project, added new upload plugin to TinyMCE editor
  • Enh invoices data: added more info about customer, booking etc.
  • Enh minor changes in sending PDF invoice
  • Enh minor changes in check of Booking Status procedure
  • Enh term "Guest" replaced with "Extra Bed"
  • Enh search results for rooms, added more information and small icon
  • Enh removed some deprecated functions that not supported by PHP 5.3
  • Enh encoding of credit card data for "online" booking type
  • Enh minor changes in booking emails
  • Enh minor changes in News module
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.1.8 (Sep 25, 2013)
  • New added possibility to define default periods (seasons) to each hotel
  • New support for "tls" for sending SMTP emails
  • New possibility to sort Search Availability results by name and price
  • New possibility to view all news on the site on one page
  • New possibility to define maximum number of adults and children for search in Rooms Settings
  • New possibility to define for each payment option whether to use it: on backend or frontend
  • New possibility to define watermarks for uploaded images of hotels and rooms
  • New possibility to use PDO extension instead of "mysql_" functions
  • New possibility to show modules on dashboard in admin panel
  • Enh hotel owners can make a reservation for assigned hotels only
  • Enh search widget - added possibility to specify hotels, that will be shown
  • Enh News module - added possibility to see all news
  • Enh procedure that removes hotel from database and all related info
  • Enh procedure of drawing menus
  • Enh room price managing - added possibility to copy prices
  • Enh test email feature in admin panel: General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
  • Enh minor changes in procedure of sending SMTP emails
  • Enh minor changes in Campaigns.class.php
  • Enh filtering section on Bookings Management page
  • Enh search results information for rooms
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.0.3 (Nov 12, 2012)
  • New multi-hotel support feature
  • New list of rooms on hotel description page
  • New possibility to admin to perform reservation in the past
  • New possibility to define booking module is active on a Whole Site, Front-End/Back-End only or inactive
  • New possibility to view Rooms Occupancy for all hotel rooms
  • New possibility to define room prices depending on number of guests
  • New possibility to define additional guests in room
  • Enh Calendar - added Portuguese language translation
  • Enh Customer module - added possibility for admin to add customers with empty account
  • Enh minor changes in templates file header.php
  • Enh minor changes in PDF invoice file
  • Enh minor changes in index.php?page=booking_payment and Reservation class
  • Enh alert messaging for check availability results for special periods of time
  • Enh Additional Payment - not it accepts negative values to add a personal discount as an administrator
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.9.1 (Jun 27, 2012)
  • New possibility to dynamically add Extras to the total sum of Shopping Cart (without refreshing the page)
  • New possibility to specify whether to send notification email when reservation expired
  • New possibility to download Invoice in PDF format: Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Download Invoice
  • New possibility to define preferred language for customers
  • New new type of campaigns - 'standard' that allows to define discount for special periods of time in the future
  • New possibility to define 'meal plans' via Bookings -> Settings -> Meal Plans Management
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.8.4 (Jun 08, 2012)
  • New new module FAQ, that allows admin to create/manage FAQs
  • New possibility to send emails via SMTP mailer: General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
  • New possibility to define Room Equipment via Admin Panel : Hotel Management -> Rooms Management -> Edit
  • New possibility to define whether to show Children Number in rooms via Admin Panel : Hotel Management -> Rooms Settings
  • New possibility to define whether to use WYSIWYG editor for Email Templates via General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
  • New possibility to export/integrate Reservation Form on other sites: Hotel Management -> Integration
  • New automatically system suggestion on empty search result
  • New possibility to define week starting day via General Settings -> Datetime & Price Settings
  • Enh VAT value allows now to accept 3 digits after decimal point
  • Enh sending "forgotten password" email - now in customer/admin preferred language
  • Enh minor changes in Create Account and My Account customer pages
  • Enh Rooms Module - added possibility to upload 5 images for each room
  • Enh Booking Module - added possibility to define whether to show 'reserved' rooms in search results until booking is complete
  • Enh Booking Module - added possibility to define a maximum number of allowed bookings (not complete) per customer
  • Enh Booking Module - added possibility to manually [ Cleanup ] pending bookings: Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Cleanup
  • Enh Extras - added language translation for extras items
  • Enh Booking Module - new payment type "Bank Transfer"
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.7.5 (May 10, 2012)
  • New possibility to define whether to show fully booked/unavailable rooms in search
  • New Check Availability block on room description page
  • New Roles and Privileges for admin users
  • New maximum nights per booking to packages
  • New possibility to check prices on search result page for Available Rooms
  • New possibility to force SSL connection via General -> General Settings "Force SSL"
  • New added sending email after password was changed by admin
  • New added possibility to description whether to send email notification for admin on new user registration
  • New added sending email to customer after approval registration by admin
  • Enh minor changes in Languages Module
  • Enh minor changes in Email templates
  • Enh minor changes in Check Availability date selection
  • Enh customer notification procedure after placing an order
  • Enh booking statistics - added possibility to filter data by country
  • Enh credit card payment procedure - added card holder's name field
  • Enh Banners Module - added possibility to use HTML in caption text
  • Enh booking emails - added {HOTEL INFO} holder containing info about hotel
  • Enh minor changes in RSS Module
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.6.1 (Nov 18, 2011)
  • New possibility to define price format: American and European
  • New possibility to create packages with minimum-stay requirements
  • New possibility to check booking status online
  • New possibility to define a number of days before clients may cancel a reservation
  • New possibility to define Initial Fee via Modules -> Bookings -> Booking Settings
  • New new payment type - Pay on Arrival
  • New possibility to define and use discount coupons on site: Bookings -> Promo and Discounts -> Coupons Management
  • New possibility to define a maximum number of allowed no completed reservations per client via Modules -> Bookings -> Booking Settings
  • New possibility to add more extras after booking was created
  • Enh minor changes in Clients Module settings
  • Enh cancellation of reservation - added sending email for client and admin
  • Enh prepayment types - added 'fixed sum', 'percentage' and 'first night'
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.5.1 (Nov 20, 2011)
  • New redirecting of visitor to last visited page after login (booking pages only)
  • New possibility to resend activation email from client login page
  • New possibility to define type of the first night value calculating: real or average
  • New possibility to cancel booking for admin and clients
  • New new status for bookings: payment error
  • New possibility to define discount campaigns for specific client groups
  • New possibility to define a size of page for search of rooms availability
  • New new module Testimonials, that allows admin to manage clients testimonials
  • New possibility to define whether VAT fee included in price or not Bookings -> Booking Settings [VAT Included in Price]
  • Enh pre-payment feature - added new types: Full Price, First Night Fixed Sum and Percentage
  • Enh SEO links redirection on changing language or currency
  • Enh search availability form holds selected check-in/check-out dates on booking page too
  • Enh system pages - added possibility to edit "system_page" parameter on edit page
  • Enh working with session variables
  • Enh minor changes in News Module
  • Enh booking statuses - added new status 'payment error'
  • Enh calculating of discount was removed from extras
  • Fix bugs fixed

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