History of Last Changes (for ApPHP Hotel Site)

You can read here a brief list of last changes:

Version 3.4.4 (Oct 31, 2011)
  • New possibility to print (with printable view) a Bookings » Description page
  • New possibility to define room availability for each day of year
  • New possibility for admin to assign a room number to each reservation: Bookings -> Description
  • New possibility for admin to allow client reservation cancellation : Bookings -> Booking Settings [Clients May Cancel Reservation]
  • New possibility for admin to show allow/hide Reservation Form on homepage
  • New possibility for admin to enter Hotel Reservation ID (for internal use only)
  • New new field "fax" to client's accounts
  • New possibility for admin to define a type of booking numbers: random or sequential
  • New possibility for admin to send invoices by email
  • Enh optimized search rooms availability procedures
  • Enh credit cards validation procedure
  • Enh "rooms left" message on search result page
  • Enh statistics feature - added possibility to view separately taxes and income for bookings
  • Enh cleaning of displayed text from tags, code holders etc. in search procedure
  • Enh search feature - search in rooms defined as default
  • Enh automatic CSS "active" for left menu links in Administration Panel
  • Enh minor changes in style and functionality of Administration Panel
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.3.0 (Jun 02, 2011)
  • New reports module for administrator: Bookings -> Information and Statistics -> Reports
  • New possibility for admin to add/edit Extras and include them with room booking
  • Enh reservation and booking information in administrator panel
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.2.4 (May 25, 2011)
  • New possibility to embed new module's tag into pages: {module:rooms}
  • New possibility to customer to delete posted comments
  • New added new status for booking - "Refunded", old status "Pending" renamed into "Reserved"
  • New groups for customers and possibility to send mass mail by customer groups
  • New new layout for pages in Add/Edit mode
  • New possibility to define 3 types of registration confirmation: none, by email, by admin
  • New possibility to see rooms availability by all rooms or single room: Booking Management -> Rooms Availability
  • New possibility to update vocabulary from uploaded file
  • New popular search
  • New possibility to preview site for admin without log off
  • Enh defining price - added possibility to define price for one day
  • Enh reservation email - added more information about customer
  • Enh admin reservation - added possibility to assign customer to such reservations
  • Enh prepayment option - added possibility to define prepayment in percents or first night
  • Enh possibility for admin to make reservation - now without collecting credit card info
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.1.3 (Apr 28, 2011)
  • New automatically switch according to minimum night in javascript calendar
  • New possibility to view room prices on Booking page
  • New new system page - Contact Us
  • New possibility to show Google Map on About Us page
  • New possibility to define type of WYSIWYG Editor (2 types) in Admin Panel -> General -> Settings
  • New possibility to cache system and news pages
  • New automatic CSS "active" link for left/right menu
  • New possibility to display separate album, on page with {module:album=code}
  • New possibility to define type of mailer function (2 types) via Admin Panel -> General-> Settings
  • New automatical removing of "preparing" orders via Admin Panel -> Booking -> Booking Settings
  • Enh remove customer account procedure
  • Enh SEO links for system pages
  • Enh drawing headers - added possibility to add <IMG>tags for headers with text
  • Enh availability calendar view in administrator panel Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Rooms Availability
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.0.9 (Apr 17, 2011)
  • New special CSS style for Admin Login/Restore Password page
  • New remainder: ACTION REQUIRED on Home Page in Admin Panel
  • New statistics for users registrations/logins, Accounts -> Statistics
  • New possibility to search avalable rooms, using a number of children parameter
  • New possibility for admin to allow showing fully booked rooms in search
  • Enh added prefilling of PayPal credit card holder form
  • Enh Securimage module updated to v.2.0 BETA
  • Enh working with modules in Admin Panel
  • Enh functions files split into admin, common and validation files
  • Enh system pages - long links changed into short links
  • Enh templates - changes structure of xml description file
  • Enh AJAX compatibility with other scripts, all "$" changed with "jQuery"
  • Enh minor changes on Bookings page in Admin Panel
  • Enh auto-filling of customer data on paypal site
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 2.3.2 (Dec 17, 2010)
  • Feature [added] possibility to pay via 2Checkout processing company
  • Enh possibility to change system page name and automatical drawing of system pages at the top and bottom
  • Enh statistics for bookings: added montly "Income" calculation
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 2.2.7 (Dec 13, 2010)
  • Feature [added] Header Text, Slogan and Footer text for each language: General -> Settings -> Visual Settings
  • Feature [added] Meta Tags <TITLE>, and <DESCRIPTION> for each language: General -> Settings -> Visual Settings
  • Feature [added] new settings in Contact Us module: time delay between sending emails and captcha verification
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to define whether to send or not copy of booking email to admin
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to ban users by IP or email: General -> Ban List
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to pre-moderate comments via Modules -> Comments Management
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to reserve rooms via Bookings -> Make a Reservation
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to create/edit email templates via Mass Mail & Templates -> Email Templates
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to sens mass mail to customers via Mass Mail & Templates -> Mass Mail
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to create and manage discount campaigns
  • Enh Contact Us module - added telephone field and text-direction
  • Enh drawing local time on Front-End: now it show date/time translated into local language
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 2.1.5 (Nov 24, 2010)
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to change date format
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to define availability for rooms Hotel Management -> Rooms Management -> [ Availability ]
  • Feature [added] WYSIWYG editor for Room Description fields and Hotel Info
  • Feature [added] possibility to search available rooms with new parameter: max. adults
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to define minimum nights stay per booking Modules -> Booking Settings
  • Feature [added] possibility for customer to leave additional info while booking and admin can read this
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to define VAT for whole site or for separate country. General -> Countries [VAT]
  • Feature [added] new system page "Terms & Conditions". Menu & Pages -> Edit System Pages [Terms and Conditions]
  • Feature [added] automatical translation via Google: Languages Settings -> Vocabulary [Edit] [Translate via Google]
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to enter additional payment value: Bookings -> [Edit]
  • Enh minor changes in installation module
  • Enh minor changes in admin panel style
  • Enh security against session hijacking attempts
  • Enh SEO links generating, also added SEO links for news pages
  • Enh site styles renamed in templates and added xml description for each template
  • Enh on rooms availability page added more info, like price per night etc.
  • Enh css styles in default and x-brown templates
  • Enh added possibility to edit date/time for news
  • Enh added some changes in Gallery Module
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 2.0.1 (Jul 23, 2010)
  • Feature [added] possibility for admin to change date format
  • Feature [added] possibility to define preferred language for admin
  • Feature [added] possibility to define page order
  • Feature [added] possibility to create home page on some languages
  • Feature [added] system page About Us
  • Enh session authentication for logged users
  • Enh Templates & Styles feature in Admin Panel
  • Enh protection against vulnerability
  • Fix bugs fixed

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