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ApPHP suggests you Web based booking and reservation hosted solution for your hotel.

  • Very easy to use
  • Modern design + 3 themes available
  • Web based solution
  • No booking or reservation fees
  • Free support
Starting from $7.90/mo

All the tools you'll need, in one package!

Whether you are just looking to start building your own online business or create a site for yuor customers, the ezeHotelReservation software is the easiest way to get started without programmer skills.

What is it and who is it for?

ezeHotelReservation is online hotel booking solution for your website that handles all aspects of the booking process and improves customer interactions. This solution based on ApPHP Hotel Site script engine.

It provides an automatic room booking system and the ability to manage rooms, seasonal rates and discounts.

It is the perfect solution if you are a hotel owner, bed & breakfast host or anyone who rents multiple rooms or any other type of vacation property - villas, apartments, cottages, etc.

How it works?

After your order ezeHotelReservation a new account will be generated for you together with the full script installation, so you don't have to worry about this. Also you'll be provided with an access to yuor hotel admin control panel and could start creating the site.

No complex activation is needed - you will have the hotel reservation site up and running within a small piece of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ezeHotelReservation?

ezeHotelReservation is the remotely-hosted hotel booking and reservation software, one of the ApPHP online services available under the 'Eze' brand. The Eze line of products is a suite of online services providing specific web-based software solutions and cloud computing services for different vertical markets and industries.

Q: Why should I use ezeHotelReservation system?

ezeHotelReservation is intendent to provide hotel or motel owners, apartment landlords and others with a powerful, and affordable tool that allows to accept online bookings and manage guest data of reservations. This software is easy-to-use, flexible and secure. It also allows you to integrate a reservation wizard into your existing website, providing you access to our hotel management online control panel. To use this hotel booking software, you just need a computer and Internet access. The online reservation system and accompanying data are hosted and saved on ApPHP servers under the supervision of professional administrators.

Q: Who is the service intended for?

ezeHotelReservation can be used by hotel/motel/apartment or rental owners, B&B hosts with or without a website, anyone who needs online hotel reservation solution. The hotel booking and reservation software is very easy to set up and use, so it can be utilized by people who have no technical background and knowledge.

Q: How much does the ezeHotelReservation cost?

ezeHotelReservation software can be used with a small monthly fee to cover the additional server functionality and technical support provided. You may check our prices here.

Q: How do I start using ezeHotelReservation?

To use the ezeHotelReservation service you have to purchase one of available hosted solutions plans. After receiving a payment we create an account for you and send you back login information. From this moment you can configure your site and start sales.

Q: Are there any software requirements to use the service?

No there no special requirements. Since the ezeHotelReservation software and data are stored on a remote server provided and maintained by ApPHP, you only need a computer with Internet connection to access your account and manage available hotels, rooms, rates, client data etc.

Q: How easy is it to include ezeHotelReservation software on my website?

You can integrate our online room reservation system into your website simply by copying a widget's code and pasting it into the body of your designated web page. See the online example.

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