History of Last Changes (for ApPHP Shopping Cart)

You can read here a brief list of last changes:

Version 4.2.5 (Jan 04, 2020)
  • New added tabs & tags for products
  • New added manufacturer page with link to it from product description page
  • New added two types of gallery on product page
  • New added possibility to show/hide prices on Frontend
  • New added possibility to show/hide Add to Cart button on Frontend
  • New added possibility to show category images on Frontend
  • New added possibility to select product options from product description page
  • New added possibility to show images for product options
  • New added category description on category page on Frontend
  • New added possibility to add to cart the same product with different options
  • New added success payment page
  • New added order comments
  • New added is default field for the delivery settings
  • Enh ApPHP Framework updated to v1.2.2
  • Enh ApPHP Directy CMF updated to v3.0.2
  • Enh improved tags for products
  • Enh improved work of options
  • Enh added more information in the payment.log file for PayPal
  • Enh updated method of processing statuses for PayPal
  • Enh show country and state in the invoice
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.1.4 (Feb 21, 2017)
  • New the preservation and display of the size and color of goods
  • New added the ability to specify the generation of order number
  • New added a field "is_active" for table "cart_deliveries"
  • New working with addresses in the backend
  • New work with taxes
  • New moved the margin settings in the configuration file
  • New ability to disable blocks on the homepage
  • New restriction of products in the shopping cart
  • New sorting tabs for new products on the home page
  • Enh corrected address mapping work in the page checkout
  • Enh improved work orders (backend), add the missing fields
  • Enh remade logic adding products to the compare and the wishlist
  • Enh improved display of images on the product page for a detailed view
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 4.0.0 (Sep 11, 2016)
  • New implemented SEO links for products and categories
  • New added page "My Products" for customer
  • New page Order Description for customer
  • New when registering a flag terms & conditions
  • Enh titles for products and categories pages
  • Enh improved handling of orders in the backend and frontend (many bugs fixed)
  • Enh the basic functions for working with a shopping cart moved in a separate model
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.8.4 (Nov 06, 2012)
  • New new module: FAQ
  • New possibility to recalculate products count for each category via Products Catalog -> Products Management -> Categories Management
  • New new module: Newsletter Subscription
  • New possibility to manage roles and privileges for admins
  • New possibility to send emails via SMTP mailer: General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
  • New new fields for products: SKU, weight, dimensions
  • New quantity changer withg arrows for shopping cart and product description pages
  • Enh "new products" block style on home page
  • Enh "resend activation" email procedure
  • Enh minor changes in functionality of Countries class
  • Enh minor changes in renaming of product fields
  • Enh shopping cart module - added special refund email
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.7.3 (Sep 03, 2012)
  • New filtering by countries for customers/orders statistics
  • New possibility for admin to force using of SSL: General -> General Settings
  • New export feature for Categories, Products and Manufactures in Admin Panel
  • New possibility to preview pages from Edit Mode
  • New possibility for admin to send invoices for customers
  • New non-documented "last visited page" feature, turned on in Application.class.php
  • New possibility for admin to change customer password
  • New possibility to specifies the type of order numbers : random or sequential
  • New possibility to specifies whether to show number of products in categories link or not
  • Enh minor changes in BackUp Module
  • Enh minor changes in ContactUs Module
  • Enh credit card payments - added Card Holder'd Name field
  • Enh orders statistics - added calculation of taxes in separate tab
  • Enh maximum allowed size of menu link increased to 40 characters
  • Enh minor changes in Gallery Module
  • Enh minor changes in sending forgotten password procedure
  • Enh minor changes in create account/edit account pages
  • Enh language settings - added 'Server Locale' parameter
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.6.0 (Sep 08, 2011)
  • New possibility to define and show on Home Page featured products
  • New new payment processing company - Authorize.Net
  • Enh Shopping Cart calculation procedure
  • Enh working with displaying local datetime
  • Enh Additional Info field moved to checkout page
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.5.3 (Sep 04, 2011)
  • New possibility to resend activation email for new customer
  • New possibility to preview cart from admin panel
  • New possibility to define placement of Categories and Manufacturers blocks via admin panel
  • New possibility to define View Prices Customer Level via Modules -> Shopping Cart Settings
  • New new order type - Refunded
  • New new language translation - German
  • New possibility to manage delivery types and define shipping fee by countries
  • New possibility to define placement of News block via Modules -> News Settings
  • Enh PayPal submission form - added automatically showing customer info
  • Enh caching procedure for News pages
  • Enh Inventory Control - administrator may turn it on/off via Modules -> Shopping Cart Settings
  • Enh procedure algorithm against CSRF Attacks
  • Enh Gallery module - added possibility to de create image/video albums
  • Enh products info - added new field "date of addition" to catalog
  • Enh design for Categories Block on Home Page
  • Enh email content for customer - added block for billing info
  • Enh discount campaigns for one day only drawing
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.4.7 (Aug 07, 2011)
  • New possibility to update vocabulary from the language file
  • New customer block for registration and comments by IP and email
  • New possibility to define Cron Jobs : Batch/Non-batch
  • New possibility to define American/European money format via General -> Settings -> Price Format
  • New possibility to search in News
  • New possibility to define via Products Catalog -> Catalog Settings number of products that could be displayed on page
  • New possibility to define via Products Catalog -> Catalog Settings displaying of Manufacturers side block
  • New possibility to define view type for Manufacturers: dropdown box or list
  • Enh caching feature
  • Enh admins management page
  • Enh Securimage module updated to v.2.0 BETA
  • Enh JavaScript function syntax - added prefix "app"
  • Enh removing of customer account procedure
  • Enh Action Required feature for Home Page in Admin Panel
  • Enh General -> Visual Settings - added possibility to apply changes to all pages
  • Enh datetime formatting for all pages via General -> Visual Settings [Date Format:]
  • Enh creating RSS file
  • Fix bugs fixed

Version 3.3.0 (Dec 18, 2010)
  • New Inventory Control feature
  • New possibility to customer to select delivery type in orders
  • New thumbnails for Categories, Products and Manufacturers
  • New possibility to define whether to send or not order copy to admin: Modules -> Shopping Cart Settings
  • New possibility for Admin to create a run global campaigns via: Shopping Cart -> Campaigns
  • New possibility for Admin to define using of cron jobs file via: General -> Settings -> Cron Jobs
  • New popular search, that shows 20 most popular search words
  • New possibility to customer to view and print invoices
  • Enh possibility to allow/not allow sending copy of order email to admin
  • Enh creating SEO links function

Version 3.2.4 (Nov 25, 2010)
  • New Products Catalog and Shopping Cart modules divided into two modules
  • New Shopping Cart module defined as dependent in Products Catalog module (you may install/activate it only if Products Catalog was installed/activated)
  • New Products pages added to caching
  • New sending notification email to customer, when order status changed to COMPLETED.
  • New sending notification email to customer, when account created by admin
  • New possibility for admin to define VAT/Shipping Fee default value or separately for each country
  • New possibility to create Product Categories upto 3rd level
  • New new status for order: received
  • New possibility for admin to manage manufacturers/suppliers via Product Catalog -> Manufacturers
  • New possibility for admin to upload digital products and download by customers via My Products -> My Products
  • Enh Reply-To function in Contact Us emails
  • Fix bugs fixed

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